Bob Menendez is a hypocrite. Last week in a speech on the floor of the Senate, Bob Menendez called for all women to be believed. Yet, Menendez claims that no one should believe the underage women who accused him. The public has a right to know all the facts about the FBI investigation into Senator Menendez and decide for themselves.

FACT: The FBI and President Obama’s Justice Department had specific, corroborated evidence to back up allegations that Senator Menendez had sex with underage girls in the Dominican Republic. Those women never recanted. It’s also important to note these are not the same women who recanted in affidavits released by Dr. Melgen’s cousin.

FACT: The FBI also discovered a “black book” listing Menendez 9 separate times alongside the names and phone numbers of multiple women in what an FBI agent testified looked to be a ledger of prostitution activity.

FACT: The pilot of Menendez’s friend, convicted felon Salomon Melgen, also testified he flew “young girls” who “look[ed] like escorts” on Melgen’s plane. In addition, the FBI confirmed that young women who received substantial sums of money from Dr. Melgen were at Casa De Campo at the same time as Menendez.

FACT: Confronted with the FBI’s corroborating evidence that placed Menendez in the same place at the same time the alleged sex with underage victims took place, Menendez lied. The Obama DOJ called his denials “demonstrably false.” Menendez and his legal team argued in federal court documents that these allegations, even if true would hardly be a crime.

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Questions & Answers

What are the allegations against Senator Menendez?

In an FBI probable cause affidavit, an FBI agent staked his career and reputation on sworn statements detailing allegations that Senator Menendez had sex with underage girls.

The anonymous FBI informant, Peter Williams, provided the FBI with a list of prostitutes allegedly provided by Dr. Melgen. Affidavit page 4, paragraph 6.

What allegations were corroborated?

The FBI Affidavit states: “During the course of this investigation, the FBI has confirmed many of the details Mr. Williams and the have provided.” Affidavit page 7, Paragraph 16. The Brief states, “Presented with specific, corroborated allegations that Defendants Menendez and Melgen had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, the Government, responsibly and dutifully investigated those allegations.” Brief at page 4.

The FBI found a black book that an agent testified “looked to be a ledger of prostitution activities” listing Menendez’s name 9 times along with the names of women and their phone numbers. Affidavit pages 13-14, paragraph 31.

The FBI elicited testimony from Mohammed Butt, Melgen’s pilot, that Melgen flew “young girls” who “look[ed] like escorts” to and from Melgen’s estate in Casa de Campo. Brief at page .

Melgen provided a number of young women substantial sums of money and these women were in Casa de Campo at the same time as Menendez. Id.

Corroborated details include that Menendez was in the DR in February and May of 2009, May of 2010 and December of 2011 matching the allegations of one of the underage girls. Affidavit page 7, paragraph 17.

The FBI also corroborated the statements about attendees at the parties. The FBI interviewed YF, a young Dominican woman who admitted she was a “girlfriend” of Melgen and attended a number of parties at his house with other young women and officials from the Dominican Government. She also met Menendez at Melgen’s house twice. Affidavit pages 7-8, paragraph 20.

Didn’t these women recant? Aren’t these the Daily Caller prostitutes?

No. The underage victims never recanted. In fact, the FBI relied on their allegations in seeking search warrants, which were credible enough to be affirmed by two different federal judges. Moreover, the Obama DOJ stood by the allegations in 2015 flatly denying Menendez’s legal team’s assertion that they were “easily disprovable.”

Then Who Recanted?

Three women who made allegations to the press recanted. One, Nexis de los Santos Santana, recanted even though her allegations were never made public. She recanted in an affidavit which was made public by Vinicio Castillo Semán who happens to be Salomon Melgen’s cousin and a prominent lawyer on the island.

Who are these women and what are their names?

We do not know their names, only details of their alleged abuse. The FBI Affidavit identifies four alleged minor victims. Two were identified by anonymous FBI informant Peter Williams in a list of prostitutes allegedly used by Menendez and Melgen. An additional alleged underage victim (victim 3) sent a letter to the FBI through Peter Williams detailing her abuse. Peter Williams also provided a transcribed interview of a fourth alleged underage victim (victim 4) who allegedly had sex with Menendez on five (5) occasions before she turned 18.

Are these the same women Senator Menendez abused the power of his office to get visas for?

No. These women are different than the women Senator Menendez got visas for.

You’re relying on allegations by unidentified victims?

Yes, and so did the FBI after it corroborated many of their allegations. It should come as no surprise that in countries like the DR, victims are reluctant to come forward with their stories. We have seen the courage it takes for adult women, even well-known, affluent and educated women, to come forward in this country with all of the protections afforded. Now imagine being a young girl in the Dominican Republic forced or coerced into prostitution and what it would take to step forward into the light and make allegations against a sitting US Senator and one of the most powerful men in the Dominican Republic, Salomon Melgen, who regularly hosted parties with officials from the Dominican government and has deep connections to the judicial system and law enforcement on the island.

According the Washington Post in 2013, the FBI found nothing?

The Washington Post was wrong. In 2015, the Obama Justice Department said it had specific, corroborated allegations of Menendez engaging with sex acts with minors and that they “were not so easily disprovable.” In fact, the FBI detailed additional allegations that showed Melgen’s ties to women, even his own pilot described as “young girls” who “looked like escorts.” The FBI was able to verify young women with financial ties to Melgen as being in Casa de Campo at the same time as Menendez.

Menendez and Melgen were not charged with crimes related to prostitution, doesn’t that prove that the allegations in the affidavit are wrong?

No. The absence of a charge against Menendez and Melgen simply means that the government did not pursue those charges against them; not that that they were wrong or false. See the recent story regarding Katie Brennan’s allegations.

Why didn’t the government proceed with the case if they thought these allegations were so credible and if they had evidence to corroborate them?

That’s a question for the FBI. There are many reasons prosecutors choose not to prosecute. Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and other powerful men faced sexual abuse and harassment allegations for years with no charges being brought. Just look at the recent story regarding Katie Brennan and her allegations. Does anyone here today believe that those allegations were false and the women were lying?

Wasn’t this made up by some right-wing news site?

Neither the FBI, nor President Obama’s Justice Department are right-wing news sites. Moreover, the FBI and DOJ corroborated many of the allegations.

Why are documents from 2015 relevant today?

The FBI and DOJ continue to stand by the statements they made under oath that these are credible, corroborated allegations. Moreover, Senator Menendez's hypocrisy during and after the Kavanaugh hearing made it necessary. He called for all victims to be believed, but not his accusers. He demanded corroborating evidence from the FBI, but ignores that the FBI corroborated evidence against him. He questioned Kavanaugh's denials with no support, but disregards that the FBI called his denials "demonstrably false." There cannot be two standards, one for a Supreme Court Justice and one for a sitting Senator. It's time for Bob Menendez to explain his hypocrisy.

Weren’t these allegations the work of the Cuban government who was angry with Menendez at the time?

Menendez first suggested this was the work of the Cuban government while Melgen said it was business competitors in the DR upset over the port contract Menendez helped him get. Later Menendez claimed the Obama Justice Department was out to get him over the Iran deal.

This is just another ploy right out of the Donald Trump playbook. How can you accuse Senator Menendez of these things, but still support the president?

We are providing corroborated allegations presented by the FBI and President Obama’s Justice Department because the public has a right to know all of the facts and decide for themselves. If you substituted Senator Menendez’s name and the allegations attached to him in these sworn court documents with the name of any other elected official, judicial nominee, or high-ranking government official - Democrat or Republican - would anyone support them? Why is Bob Menendez entitled to a different standard? As his colleague Cory Booker pointed out “Ultimately, not whether he is innocent or guilty...this is not a trial, but ultimately have enough questions been raised that we should not move on.”

You supported Kavanaugh so you must not believe Dr. Ford. How can you say we should believe these allegations?

Dr. Ford’s testimony was compelling, as was Justice Kavanaugh’s. It was heart-wrenching to watch both of them testify. The difference is that the FBI could find no corroborating evidence in that matter. They did find corroborating evidence for the allegations involving Senator Menendez. Let’s be clear, if the FBI had found a scintilla of the corroborating evidence against Justice Kavanaugh that they reported finding against Senator Menendez, he would not have received enough support to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Are you accusing Senator Menendez of having sex with underage girls?

No. Others made those allegations and the FBI corroborated their allegations. We are asking why Senator Menendez says all victims should be believed, but not his alleged victims? We are asking why corroborated allegations of wrongdoing are disqualifying for judges, but not US Senators. In short, we are asking when the hypocrisy will end.

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